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Andalucia - Organic
Our Price: $9.00

A beautiful combination of organic olive leaves,  fragrant flowers and a hint of sweetness
Marrakech - Organic
Our Price: $9.00

Indulge yourself with the exotic aromas of olive leaf and mint !
Monaco - Organic
Our Price: $9.00

Opulence has been used to describe this tiny town on the French riviera and this tea lives up to its namesake.
Napa - Organic
Our Price: $9.00

California fusion at its best with this creative olive leaf tea
Oliva - Organic
Our Price: $7.50

These organic olive leaves are delicious on their own or can be blended with your favorite herbs to create your own signature blend
Portofino - Organic
Our Price: $9.00

The aroma of tangerine along with a splash of lime gives this olive leaf tea a playful combination.  Close your eyes and imagine the splendor of this picturesque harbor.
Provence - Organic
Our Price: $9.00

Tantalize your taste buds with this exotic marriage of olive leaves and passionfruit.
Seville - Organic
Our Price: $9.00

A unique fusion of olive leaves, orange peel, cinnamon and spice reminiscent of Spain
Sonoma - Organic
Our Price: $9.00

Olive leaf tea with a twist – of lemon and mint !!
Our Price: $9.00

This handcrafted olive leaf tea will transport you to the rolling hills of Tuscany.