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Chocolate Berry Truffle
Our Price: $4.00

What could be better than the combination of chocolate truffles and raspberries?  And this tea does not disappoint.  From the minute you open the package until that last sip in your cup you can indulge in the best sensory experience ever.
Chocolate Coconut Patty
Our Price: $4.75

This tea offers an exotic fusion of coconut and chocolate for the perfect low calorie dessert.
Exotic Mango - Organic
Our Price: $6.00

If you are looking for something different in a flavored tea, this is a nice change of pace.  This tea has a wonderful crisp, fruity flavor that is easy to enjoy no matter what the temperature is outside. The mango is not overpowering but is present enough to be enjoyed hot or iced.  It has a sweet taste with a satiny smoothness.  Can be blended with Vanilla Élégance.
Hawaiian Cocktail
Our Price: $7.25

It is a sensual delight from the pieces of fruit, to the smell, to the taste. A totally indulgent tea you will want to have every day.
Lemon Fusion
Our Price: $7.50

Combining the tartness of a lemon and the sweetness of an orange with the  nuance of our Nilgiri black tea produces a refreshing tea suited for drinking hot or iced.
Lychee Peach
Our Price: $6.50

Combining sun ripened peach with the sweet tropical taste of lychee fruit gives this tea a delightful flavor on a sunny afternoon.
Midsummer Nights Dream
Our Price: $5.00

This tea is truly a fairy tale by its masterful blending of pure high mountain grown Ceylon with Chinese Sencha.  To add to the surreal experience that this tea exhibits, traditional flowers of these two countries have been added to enhance the tea experience.  Grab a book, sit back, relax and enjoy the tale.
Orange Vanilla Swirl
Our Price: $6.75

This tea reminds you of the classic frozen treat - the Creamsicle !  Dessert in a glass.  Great hot or iced.
Pineapple Upside Down
Our Price: $5.00

Dessert in a cup - just a fun tea when you are looking for something to satisfy that craving.
Vanilla Élégance
Our Price: $4.25

Vanilla Élégance is the perfect fusion of black, full-leaf tea with the sophistication of pure vanilla bean.  With its distinctive aroma and taste of natural vanilla, it is well rounded and balanced for a perfect cup of tea.  Although vanilla is the second most expensive spice after saffron, we are happy to bring you this selection of pure indulgence without breaking the bank. Try your hand at blending Élégance with some of your favorite teas.