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Citron Supreme - Organic
Our Price: $5.75

Citron Supreme is a very refreshing, delicate blend of lemon, orange and green Rooibos  that is sure to please the iced tea lover as well as the warm tea purist.
Our Price: $5.50

Just as the name implies Coco-Rooibo is just that. A spectacular blend of the finest quality Rooibos and the unmistakable presence of shredded coconut. It brings back childhood memories of your favorite coconut treats. Coco-Rooibo is creamy, smooth, rich and utterly satisfying warm or iced.
Honey Vanilla
Our Price: $5.75

Vanilla is the most widely used flavor in pastries, confections and most desserts. With its wonderful aromatic and delicate flavor it is a perfect fusion with our Honeybush tea. Try on its own or create your own blend. Great hot or iced.
Honeybush Harmony - Organic
Our Price: $6.50

Honeybush has a slightly richer and sweeter flavor than its "sister" Rooibos tea. The intensely rich and nutty flavor of the hazelnut harmonizes with the honeybush to create a rich mouth-feel proving that these flavors were made for each other.
Honeybush Naturale - Organic
Our Price: $5.00

It's time for Honeybush to get its fair share of the spotlight! Pure and unadulterated with a mild, sweet, clean taste that  can be enjoyed all day or all evening. Try hot or iced, alone or blended with some of your other favorites.
Lemon Sorbet
Our Price: $4.75

Refreshing is the only way to describe our Lemon Sorbet.  This top grade Rooibos flavored with zesty lemon and topped with sunflower petals is a delightful tea with soft creamy notes.  For a great summer thirst quencher add a sprig of mint and a slice of lemon.
Madagascar Vanilla
Our Price: $5.75

The blending of premium Rooibos with the finest grade of Madagascar vanilla is considered one of the best fusions of two exotic flavors. While vanilla is the second most expensive spice after saffron, we are happy to bring you this selection without breaking the bank.
Mango Melody - Organic
Our Price: $6.50

Mangoes are used around the world in many different culinary savory and sweet dishes. Pairing mango with the sweet flavor of Honeybush was an easy choice.  Brew hot or cold any time of the day or year.
Orange Blossom - Organic
Our Price: $5.75

When you open the package the aroma of springtime in an orange grove will bring back memories. Combining the refreshing flavors of citrus peel and orange blossoms to the taste of premium Rooibos makes this blend pure heaven. Try it with our Chai Fusion for that spicy citrus flavor or with our Madagascar Vanilla for the classic creamsicle in a cup.
Pear Brulee
Our Price: $6.75

Calming and aromatic but also a tad sweet and indulgent. The taste of pear is clear, distinct and delicious. It's the finishing taste, and it is delightful. Can be prepared au lait with a dash of cinnamon.
Rooibos - Superior -Organic - Fair Trade
Our Price: $7.50

Our Fair-Trade Rooibos is more than a feel good gesture. While sitting back and enjoying the smooth relaxed nature of this Rooibos you can be assured that fair wages, adequate housing , healthy food, education and healthcare are being provided to the workers that harvest this exquisite brew.
Sunset Fiesta - Organic
Our Price: $5.75

Put on your swimsuit, pack your cooler and head for the beach.  The fusion of orange, passionfruit, apricot and mango with green Rooibos will be the hit of the party.