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Black Herbal

Chai Chocolat
Our Price: $5.25

A sophisticated take on hot chocolate!  Chai Chocolat combines the richness of the Chai spices with the velvety flavor of cocoa and the naturally sweet Rooibos to create the ultimate caffeine-free treat.
Chai Fusion - Organic
Our Price: $6.25

While Rooibos is the most relaxing beverage you can brew and Chai is an overly spicy and exhilarating creation the fusion of all of these ingredients make Chai Fusion a unique flavor profile. Your answer to a caffeine-free Chai!!
Chai Mystique
Our Price: $5.75

Simply put the word "chai" means "tea". But Chai Mystique is far from simple. It is the perfect blend of Sri Lanka Black Tea and carefully hand selected spices to achieve a new level in the age old art of enjoying this mystically brew. To achieve the strong and intense flavor without releasing the tannins and bitter taste that longer steeping  times produce, double the amount of tea you would normally use when brewing the perfect Zen Chai Latte or Zen Iced Chai.
Safari Vanilla Chai
Our Price: $5.25

This chai is smooth on the palate, with spicy notes of cardamom and peppercorn. The Assam Black Tiger tea is a excellent compliment but not overpowering to the spices in this blend. The addition of vanilla gives this chai a new dimension. For the perfect Zen Chai Latte see the recipe included in the brewing recommendations.
Yoga Chai
Our Price: $6.25

The word yoga means "union" in Sanskrit, the language of ancient India where yoga originated. We think of the union of mind, body and spirit. Our Yoga Chai is a "union" of spices, flowers and herbs that posses the same result. One sip of this incredible tea and you will experience for yourself what we mean.