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Black Green

Jasmine Fusion
Our Price: $7.75

Our Jasmine tea is produced by mixing the delicate flowers of the night-blooming jasmine with tea each evening. During nightfall the blossoms open and impart  their sweet aroma throughout the tea. In the morning, the spent flowers are removed and fresh blossoms are mixed in to wait for the magic of the next evening. This process is repeated nightly  a minimum of twelve times for the top jasmine grades.  Take  a moment to try this exotic and seductive blend.
Lemon Drop
Our Price: $8.25

You will never get tired of this beautiful tea.  With the addition of lemon and lime essentials oils to our fragrant Huang Jin Gui Oolong, this tea creates a "zesty" fusion in your cup.
Nutty Oolong
Our Price: $10.50

With the numerous health benefits of Oolong tea, this combination of flavors make a great choice as a healthy alternative to calorie laden sweets
Peaches and Cream - Organic
Our Price: $9.75

The bright peach flavor melds beautifully with this Oolong base and finishes with a hint of creaminess.
Zen Sweet Orange
Our Price: $6.00

A refreshing citrus tea with a heavenly smell.  A great afternoon tea.